We have a vaping excise stamp license under the Excise Act, 2001, and we can now place stamps on e-cigarettes and vaping products.

About us

About us

Giolong was founded in 1995 by a duo of Canadians. Our company’s mission is to help other companies import from and source their product manufacturing in different Asian and South American countries.

Through our group of companies, Giolong specializes in sourcing, factory audits and quality control for international procurement, OEM and ODM product development, assembly, co-packing, and more in China, India and Mexico.

“For more than 20 years, we’ve been helping entrepreneurs buy from China or Asia and be more competitive globally. We have a permanent presence in Asia and North America, with over 200 employees, including many consultants, engineers, MBAs and CPAs.”

Our company’s values

Like the roots of a tree firmly anchored in the ground, these core values nourish us and ensure our stability.


Our perseverance is the key to turning obstacles into successes. We succeed where others throw in the towel. Cultivating perseverance can be contagious and assures our partners that their goals and expectations will be exceeded.


« “Alone we go faster, together we go farther.” ». We understand that our mutual success depends on outstanding collaboration between your team and ours. That’s why we make quality client relationships a point of honor.


With strict, proven quality assurance processes, our rework cost indicator is close to zero. We raise standards and strive for excellence so we can provide our partners with expertise beyond their expectations.

Cultural bridging

We bridge the cultural and linguistic divide through our offices in China, India, Mexico and Canada (Montréal). Cultures around the globe entail practices very different from our own. Our goal is to help our partners demystify these differences and adjust to them.

The driving force behind Giolong

Partnership is part of our DNA. We’re always listening to our clients so we can offer the best solution tailored to their needs.

We build business relationships with our clients—and often become a key part of their business!

Giolong’s presence in the field makes all the difference when it comes to our services. This makes us the perfect partner for representing our clients in their dealings with manufacturers.

Our mission is to optimize your supply chain

Proven experience for over 25 years

Why should you work with Giolong?

  • Giolong partners with its clients transparently to optimize their international supply chains.
  • We eliminate the cost of any agent, reseller, broker or other intermediary that may come between a client and its supplier(s) in China, Mexico or India.
  • Giolong is continuously hiring and training employees in Canada, Asia and Latin America. All of our employees are led by the Canadian management team (as opposed to a network of local collaborators, affiliates or subcontractors).
  • Our formula is a great fit for companies that already have business experience in Asia or South America as well as those just beginning the sourcing process.
  • Giolong’s team has been in the field for more than 25 years, with a well established network of manufacturers in China, India and Mexico that have already proven their worth.

The management team

Johnny Wu

President - Montreal

Patrick Paradis

Chairman of the Board - Montreal

Jessica McCarrick


Amina Kahboub

Marketing director - Montreal

Katiuscia Masini

Product manager - Montreal

Jean Chabot

Senior advisor - Montréal

Harinder Singh Gharial

Harinder Singh Gharial

Tony Wang

Account manager - Shanghai

Qi Bin

Strategic Project Manager

LuJun Wang

Control Quality - Huangshan

Steven Li

Control Quality - Ningbo

Sunny Qiu

Control Quality - Guangzhou

Figo Yan

Specialist in promotional and event materials - Ningbo

Chris Qian

Specialist in promotional and event materials - Suzhou

Nick Zhu

Specialist in cosmetic packaging materials - Shaoxing

Billy Liu

R&D project manager - Guangzhou

Liu Yang

R&D project manager - Guangzhou

Jonor Li

Electronics engineer - Guangzhou

Important NEWS

Not the same

We would like to inform you that we are two separate companies