About us

Complete support:
From sourcing to assembly

Founded in 1995 by two Canadians, with the mission of providing companies with complete solutions and supporting them throughout the process leading up to sale : From sourcing to co-packaging.
Through the companies of the group, Giolong specializes in global sourcing, audit, quality control for international procurement activities, assembling, co-packing and the product developments OEM and ODM, focusing in China and Asia.

For more than 20 years we have been helping businesses who buy in China and elsewhere in Asia to build a better supply chain and be more competitive on a worldwide scale. We maintain a permanent presence in Asia and in North America, with nearly one hundred employees, including several expert consultants, engineers, MBAs and CPAs, working in our offices in Montreal, Shanghai, Hô-Chi-Minh City, Bangkok, Thailand and Vietnam.

Our Turnkey solutions

We are the extension of your supply team, your eyes on the ground, in China and elsewhere in Asia


Add unique and tailor-made product lines to your brand to take it to the next level. Innovative, unique and avant-garde concepts

Innovations showcase

A portal on our innovations. Add unique and tailor-made product lines to your brand to take it to the next level.


Sophisticated methods of selecting the most competent and competitive Asian manufacturers and suppliers to ensure optimal supply.


Our factory audits are the best way for you to get a true picture of your Asian supplier before doing business with them.

Our mission is to optimize your supply chain

Proven experience for over 25 years

We guarantee you

Giolong works for its clients with a total transparency, with the objectif of optimizing their international supply chains.

Giolong eliminates all agency, reseller, broker or other third party fees which may occur when doing business in China or elsewhere

Giolong hires, and continually updates the training of, locally-based employees in Canada and in Asia. All employees are managed by a management team in Canada (as opposed to a network of partners, affiliated partners or local subcontractors)

Our formula means we can help companies who are already established in Asia, engaging China business, as well as those who are starting out in the region

A team with more than 25 years of experience in the field, with a well-established network, which has already proven its worth

Reduced costs

  • Elimination of all third parties, agents or brokers fees.
  • Transparency and negotiation in person on the best quality/price ratio.
  • Quality control, with AQL and NCR, reports.
  • A range of certified inspections (IPC, DUPRO, PSI).
  • A complementary procurement staff, onsite permanently.
  • Direct contact with the supplier to speed up the process.
  • A dedicated account manager in Asia with rigorous follow-ups on your project.
  • An exclusive supplier.

The management team

Patrick Paradis

President - Montreal

Johnny Wu

Vice President - Montreal

Katiuscia Masini

Product manager - Montreal

Amina Kahboub

Marketing director - Montreal

Harinder Singh Gharial

Harinder Singh Gharial

Tony Wang

Account manager - Shanghai

LuJun Wang

Control Quality - Huangshan

Steven Li

Control Quality - Ningbo

Sunny Qiu

Control Quality - Guangzhou

Figo Yan

Specialist in promotional and event materials - Ningbo

Chris Qian

Specialist in promotional and event materials - Suzhou

Nick Zhu

Specialist in cosmetic packaging materials - Shaoxing

Billy Liu

R&D project manager - Guangzhou

Liu Yang

R&D project manager - Guangzhou

Jonor Li

Electronics engineer - Guangzhou

Jean Chabot

Senior advisor - Montréal