We have a vaping excise stamp license under the Excise Act, 2001, and we can now place stamps on e-cigarettes and vaping products.

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A complete solution for all your needs

We provide a complete solution for all your marketing and promotional product needs. With long experience in OEM-ODM manufacturing with our well established manufacturing network in Asia, we can help you achieve your goals.

Our OEM-ODM services have involved ideas ranging from manufacturing to logistics, quality control, factory audit and pre-shipment inspection. It is essential for us to be involved as much as possible from the initial spark of an OEM-ODM product idea to its manufacturing and shipping to the destination of your choice. Our team ensures that the process is as simple as possible.

This allows you to have a unique OEM-ODM product for your company. Having such a stand-alone product can differentiate you from your peers in the increasingly competitive business sector. Our services allow us to participate in as many processes as you require.

The end result is a custom OEM-ODM product to take your brand to the next level, based on emotional connections.

Improve the consumer experience and satisfaction, this will create connectivity and loyalty to your brand.

 Work with your marketing team to come up with ideas and analyze production feasibility before moving to design and prototype. Once the final design is defined, the prototype is then approved for final approval before investing in molding and tooling. 

Established since 1995 in Asia, we have an experienced team for sourcing and negotiating with manufacturers and assembly plants.

We work in different industries for our customer and have a team that manages quality control by constant auditing at the factory and establishes the system of self-inspection and inspection by our team before shipment to ensure that the products conform to the order.

We work with several freight forwarders to take care of your products from the factory to the destination for our customer, we make sure that all documents and processes are well executed and the best price and solution for shipping.

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