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You want to import your products from China or elsewhere in the world? We help you find the right supplier, get competitive prices, track production, ensure quality and much more. We help you optimize your supply chains to be more competitive on a global scale.

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Giolong International, expert in importing goods all over the world

Founded in 1995, Giolong International helps  companies in Canada and all around the world do business in China, Asia and South America for their procurement needs. From our offices in Montréal, China, Mexico and India, we offer all-encompassing professional support ranging from factory searches, auditing and quality control to negotiations, business travel arrangements, logistics coordination, and more. 

“We count on a strong team, on site in Asia and Latin America, while staying close to home in Montréal.”

Patrick Paradis and Johnny Wu, founders of Giolong Group

Turnkey solutions

We’re your eyes and ears on the ground, whether your manufacturer is located in China, Mexico or India. Our mission is to optimize your supply chain and save you time and money with all your new projects.


You’ll have access to a screened selection of the most competent and competitive manufacturers and suppliers in Asia and South America.

Factory audits

Our factory audits are the best way for your business to get an accurate picture of a supplier in Asia or South America before you do business with them.

Quality control

Our proven inspection system means we can check your products’ quality and conformity against predetermined criteria.

Giolong International, your partner on site

Giolong International is the benchmark for international sourcing and development. 

Our team is already on the ground and ready to assist and advise you. You’ll be working hand in hand with one or more account managers in China, India or Mexico, professionals who are dedicated to your projects. 

We’re an extension of your business, your project, your success.

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Our mission is to optimize your supply chain

Why partner with Giolang?

We can give you a million reasons why choosing us is the right decision. Here’s a taste of what makes us different:

Our perseverance is the key to turning obstacles into successes. We succeed where others throw in the towel. Cultivating perseverance can be contagious and assures our partners that their goals will be exceeded.

“Alone we go faster, together we go farther.” We understand that our mutual success depends on outstanding collaboration between your team and ours. That’s why we make it a point of honor to maintain and nurture our relationships with our clients.

With strict, proven quality assurance processes, our rework cost indicator is close to zero. We raise standards and strive for excellence so we can provide our partners with expertise beyond their expectations.

We bridge the cultural and linguistic divide through our offices in China, India, Mexico and Canada (Montréal). Cultures around the globe entail practices very different from our own. Our goal is to help our partners demystify these differences and adjust to them.

Custom services that fit your product

The Giolong Group consists of four divisions.


Sourcing / Audits and quality control / Logistics coordination


OEM-ODM / Product development


Co-packing / Assembly


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