We have a vaping excise stamp license under the Excise Act, 2001, and we can now place stamps on e-cigarettes and vaping products.

Custom sourcing for your business

Find the best suppliers to meet your needs with Giolong International.

Reliable selection and procurement

Giolong International has the sourcing expertise to guarantee reliable procurement for your business. We have an entire selection of the most highly competent and competitive manufacturers and suppliers in the Asian market.

Giolong International conducts in-depth research on suppliers that specialize in manufacturing your product in China, Asia and South America. After selecting a manufacturer, Giolong performs a complete, thorough audit to assure you we’ve chosen the best option.

What can sourcing do for your business?

Whether you’re looking for components, finished or semi-finished products, our mission is to connect you with the right supplier through the extensive network we’ve built over the past 25 years. We work with you to help:

Optimizing your supply chain reduces operating time and helps your business grow.

Sourcing directly from Asian manufacturers not only reduces your production costs, but also provides long-term savings by eliminating fees to middlemen, brokers and agents.

Stop being dependent on a single supplier—expand your horizons! Having multiple suppliers reduces procurement risk. In addition, a form of competition between your partners leads to attractive prices and delivery times.

Regardless of your area of activity, growing your contacts is crucial in business. If anything unexpected should happen, you’ll be relieved that you can count on relationships you’ve been nurturing.

The sourcing process

At Giolong International, we support you at every step of the sourcing process.

Analysis of product specifications
Search for manufacturers that can meet your needs
A list of proposed manufacturers and price negotiation
Sample production, adjustment and tracking
Mass production launch and monitoring
Quality inspection of product based on your criteria
Your approval of the order for delivery
Coordination between you and factory for transportation

Why hire Giolong International to handle your sourcing?

Choosing to outsource your sourcing means saving time, money and in-house resources while benefiting from an incomparable quality of expertise.

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